Normally when preparing for a vacation, I create itineraries and lists and pre-schedule all excursions, so as not to waste any precious vacation time. During my vacation this past weekend, not everything worked out as planned, though.  I decided to face these changes in my plans with two words,
wellness, health, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, mindfulWhat I discovered was that those two little words quickly diffused any issues, concerns or anger that began building. When schedules were changed, “oh, well” allowed me to enjoy the present moment.  When our fancy dinner did not meet our expectations, “oh, well” confirmed the fact that my husband is the best chef in the world, in my eyes, and having him prepare our meals will save us plenty of money and loads of disappointment. Besides, Fancy-schmancy!  A simple rose and candle lights will turn every home cooked meal into a fancy one.  When the hotel room’s air conditioner was too loud, “Oh, well!” suggested an open window to enjoy the city sounds to include the church bells ringing across the street, was an even better option for us!
Using the phrase “Oh, well!” doesn’t mean you don’t give a shit. It just means you embrace the situation as it stands and can then use a clear focused mind to peacefully find a solution.
Try it next time and see what happens.


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