Today’s topic, 4 key reasons for estranged sibling relationships and how to mend them, is written in honor of my restored relationship with my sister.  If you’re struggling to mend a relationship with a loved one, I hope this blog helps to give another point of view.

The 4 key reasons for estranged sibling relationships and how to mend them:

  1. Misdirected pain or hurt- Sometimes there are other issues going on with the other person.
  2. Expectations– whether unrealistic or not. Sometimes we expect someone’s behavior to reflect our own.
    We might expect them to respond or treat us like we would treat them.  We expect people to stay the same.
  3. Thinking the other person intentionally means to hurt you- We take everything they do as a personal attack on us. We take everything they they say or do personally.
  4. Misunderstanding/miscommunication – It’s no wonder this happens.  Everyone uses emails, text and social media to communicate. The problem with that is you can’t read someone’s emotions. Another possibility is technical issues. Maybe they aren’t receiving your texts or phone calls.  It doesn’t mean that they’re avoiding you.  Lastly, maybe something is taken out of context and struck a nerve with them.

Here’s what happens…

After some time, resentment may build and trust is lost so you stop communicating.  Eventually, you think they don’t even care and rather than being hurt and vulnerable you justify your decision to cut ties.  Unfortunately, you’re not the only one who loses the relationship. Other loved ones do as well.   As a result, your family suffers and you lose time spent together.

So, how do you mend a broken relationship with a sibling by using your imagination?

Imagine that it’s possible they’re living in the same crazy world as you are and may be dealing with it in a different way because they aren’t YOU!  Imagine that they want to mend this relationship just like you do and they’re just as afraid and just as fearful of making themselves vulnerable to hurt.  Imagine they’re doing the best they can with what they know and what they have at this very moment in their life.  Lastly, imagine that what they say and do has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Get out of your own head!

Understand that in the beginning, your relationship is yours and your sibling’s, but Life does happen. You have to accept that others will come in to your lives and hence, your relationship won’t ever remain the same. Finally, know that with patience and understanding these points, your relationship can mend and become a richer, deeper more closer relationship.

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Elle Catalan

Certified Wellness and Nutrition Coach

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