Overwhelmed by negative stuff? Put that shit in a box.

At the end of a long day, it’s really easy to feel like you’ve just had the worst day ever. Usually, those “worst day evers” are the result of compounding negative events or bad news.

I can totally understand feeling aggravated after a long day of negative news. Just the other night, at bedtime, I read a very disturbing email. Should I have looked at it right before bedtime? Of course not, but I did and that led to a long sleepless night of full of aggravation. On top of that, the next morning I received a phone call to schedule a follow up doctor appointment and was told that I couldn’t be seen in the usual office and I would have to travel 45 minutes to be seen. Boy, was I pissed!  After reluctantly scheduling that appointment, I got off the phone and that’s when it seemed like everything was going to piss me off. In an attempt to distract myself, I hopped onto Facebook and read something someone wrote and that pissed me off, too!

I couldn’t take it anymore!

After seething for a while, I realized that traveling 45 minutes for my health wasn’t so terrible. I could take the scenic route and maybe stop at some shops along the way that I don’t frequent because they’re so far from home. When I thought about my friend’s Facebook post again, I understood it was absolutely not my problem. To be honest, they probably could benefit from reading this post. What I started to realize is how quickly and easily I had compiled my aggravations until they became one ginormous pissed off kinda day, when in reality, things were far from bad.

This is just one example of how negative events or bad news can snowball into a really rotten day. When not worked out, they can build into a bad week, then month, and well, you get the picture.  Each event, although unrelated, builds upon the other, lines get blurred and the next thing you know your life sucks!  In order to avoid feeling this way, you need to process each negative situation individually.

So today, I invite you to put those negative emotions in a box.

Just let them each have their own little box, individually wrapped with a pretty bow.

Every time you experience something negative, don’t attach it to anything else. This helps you keep your mood and attitude about a situation correct. For example, with all of this aggravation that I was dealing with (and it was only 9 am) imagine if a solicitor came to my door. I would’ve probably bit their head off! Is that right? Was it their fault I read that email last night? Was it their fault my doctor couldn’t see me closer to my home? Absolutely not!

Placing each of your negative experiences into their very own little box will help keep you from getting overwhelmed and frustrated.  It also helps to manage each situation quickly and correctly.  When you toss them altogether, you lose sight of what’s really going on and are liable to blow a situation out of proportion.  Plus, you won’t be able to think clearly because you’re consumed with anger.

So remember, when you feel consumed by negative events, put that shit in a box!

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Til next time,

Elle Catalan