Get pain relief now!

1.25oz jars ($20 retail value). Everything is certified organic and all natural. Nothing harmful is added. The shelf life is 8 months warm temperature (65+) or 1 year if kept (50 and below). Each salve works differently and for different ailments. These salves contain hemp.

Peppermint salve – works great for migraines/ headaches , nerve pain, burns, muscle pain.

Cayenne salve– works best on deep joint pains.

Arnica salve– works great for nerve pain, muscle pain, bruising, surgery healing.

A 1.25 oz jar will get about 50-70 uses, typically lasts somebody with chronic pain around 3 weeks to one month daily use.

Each use will help alleviate pain for about 4 hours.

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My back felt heavenly and relaxed after using the peppermint salve.


Used the peppermint salve to help with my elbow pain. It definitely helped relieve it so I used it on my hubby who complained his back hurt from mowing the lawn.

Shirley B.

I was diving and my shoulders were super sore! I used the peppermint salve and it got rid of 85-90% of my soreness after one application. It’s very calming and feels nice too.


Was dealing with shoulder pain for a month! Used the cayenne salve and it alleviated 90% of my pain with one use.

Mike C.