What exactly is Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar therapy, you ask?

Ashiatsu, a western version of an ancient form of bodywork, is a barefoot massage technique using deep strokes from the massage therapists’ feet. It combines elements of Thai Massage, Japanese Shiatsu and India’s Keralite massage.   It’s a highly effective treatment for athletes, body builders, those who have physically strenuous professions and those with chronic back, neck, shoulder and/or hip pain issues.

 It’s “the deepest most luxurious massage on the planet!”.

Using parallel bars suspended from the ceiling for balance, I apply deep gliding compression to the muscles on the back side of your body with my feet. This will allow for deeper muscle layers to be effectively treated without the usual pain or discomfort commonly associated with a manual deep tissue massage.    Your massage ends with a soothing face and neck massage (with hands of course).

Careful! This one might make you drool!

Choose from:


60 minutes $90

​Add Hot Stones to your session :  $110

Add a 25 minute Aromatherapy Steam treatment before your session :  $120

I’ve combined two favorites for your indulgence. Following an Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Therapy session, you’ll receive a deep tissue massage on the anterior (front) side of your body.

90 minutes $130

Add Hot Stones to your session : $150

Add a 25 minute Aromatherapy Steam Treatment before your session : $160

This service is a blend of Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Therapy techniques and Thai yoga stretches. A must, when you’re seeking to increase your flexibility.

60 minutes $95

This service is a blend of our Ashiatsu/Deep Tissue Combo service with the addition of Thai yoga stretches blended into the session.

90 minutes $135

*Pricing subject to change, without notice.

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